Scott and Mary Saylor


After many, many years of living in the Golden State, the CA natives finally packed up and left Monterey for the Sonoran desert of Arizona. It was no surprise to anyone because we had been vacationing in AZ since 1984. Tucson is now our home and we absolutely love it. Yes, it get’s HOTTER THAN HELL but there are ways to cope; getting up with the sun to hike & exercise, taking a siesta in the afternoon and drinking Margaritas with chips & salsa before dinner. Life is good in the desert.

We purchased our Tucson home in 2003 while attending one of many Sunquest users group meetings and proceeded to update it slowly. We replaced all of the carpet with tile, the old aluminum windows with double-pane, high-performance Milgard windows, a new two-stage A/C system, kitchen appliances and finally, landscaping the back yard. Be sure to see the Park View Drive remodel pages.

Mary decided long ago that she wanted to be a Nurse for her “second” career and started taking prerequisite classes at Monterey Peninsula College back in 2000. She fully intended to enroll in the MPC Nursing program but then she found out about the 14-month BSN program at University of Arizona. She was accepted into the MPC 2-year RN program in 2005 but was also aan alternate for the UA program. She was offered a position on quite short notice that year so we packed her stuff up, and moved her to AZ. Her last job in CA was to fly our Grumman Tiger to it’s new owner in Phoenix. After getting up at 5 am and driving most of the day, I met her at the Deer Valley Airport. It was about 3:30 pm. She left  Monterey at 11:30 and was already having a drink with the new owner! I let her drive the rest of the way to Tucson. My last year in California was 2007 and my last job was to sell the house and make arrangements with the movers.


After several trips to Europe in the “early days”, 2011 was finally the year we returned to Europe. Our German friends, Rudi & Sonja, had been to the US several times since they hosted us in Germany during our last trip with Mary’s Mom & Dad. It had been a while. They’ve seen three of our former homes and have even been to Tombstone here in Arizona! We had a very ambitious 20 day itinerary worked up flying in and out of Zurich, Switzerland.

In 2016, we decided to do more touring and wanted to see the annual tulip display at  Keukenhof in the Netherlands. It’s hard to describe the sheer beauty present for only several weeks per year. We started our 29 say adventure in the Amsterdam, then on to France where we toured Normandy and Mont St Michel, the Loire and Dordogne regions, Albi, Carcassone and finally Provence before taking the TGV back to Paris. It was an awesome trip. 



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